Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The world of Chili

Have you ever looked for a recipe for chili and get over whelmed by the number of different things used in each different recipe.  From the different spices, beans or no beans, the animal (meat) and the cut.  I honestly set out to "wow" everyone with my chili.  I had to travel this morning for my son's eye dr appointment. This town had so many wonderful stores. I figured i would just stop at one of them on my way home.

Pull in to a store not to get grocery items but to grab a few "back to school" items.  We found what we wanted made our way to the check out. i reach for my wallet in my pocket open it and instantly realized i left my atm card at home. :( Apologized to the check out girl left the items got in the car apologized to my child. Made a few emergency phone calls trying to get some of the ingredients to make chili just so i knew we would be able to eat before my oldest had to go to football. 

I think no matter how much time i let my self i always feel i need to rush and i don't like rushing. Hoping my mom had a few cans of diced tomatoes that she would have sent with my husband when i walked in my door i realized she didn't have any.

I said well i will just make special beans.  I picked some of the chili peppers we were growing in the pots on the porch and gathered my ingredients.  I started browning my farm raised ground beef (from our farm). I cut up a big red onion 4-5 peppers (all different sizes and colors.) . I just started dumping everything in the pot. What was the one last ingredient i didn't think of. Figured i would have it.  Chili powder.

Anyway- everyone sat down and one response "mmm this is pretty good" i gave a sigh of relief.  It worked out after all.  Not how i like chili but it was good and colorful.

3 Kinds of beans
some fresh diced tomatoes
a secret ingredient
1 onion and 4 different chili's

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