Thursday, September 2, 2010

Love your family

I have found sometimes we get to caught up in our own lives. We find that we "don't have time" for others. We rush our lives away!
I honestly have a major problem with this.  I stopped at my mom's the other day to get my dog after work and my niece and nephew were at my moms. My nephew is getting so big!.  I haven't seen them in a while and that is my fault. It is hard when you are working and have your own children to enjoy your extended family. Everyone has busy lives. It has had me thinking recently. Of my family growing up.  I always enjoyed spending time with my aunts, cousins, and extended family.  It makes me so sad to see how a family once so strong and happy has now grown apart. -  I still love my extended family. I miss them. I just know that our relationships will never come back to what we had some 10 years ago or even longer...Wow, might seem corny but a "Boys 2 men" song came to mind- The name of the song is "Water run dry" - Many words in this song couldn't be more true! "We don't even talk anymore."  - "Don't even say I love you no more"  "Now they can see the tears in our eyes- But we deny the pain in our hearts"... Just listen to the song-

Thinking of that it has made me realize my relationship with my own family.  I love my husband and children very much.  I think I have seemed distant in many ways as of recent. Showing a lack of patients, affection, and expressing my love for my husband. No matter what my excuse is I vow to changes! My children are my world! I love them very much. It is scary how hard reality hits showing how fast they grow up.  I wish it would just slow down a little. My oldest will be 14 in just a few weeks!!!!!!!!! He is play football as i struggle to let go and just watch him grow all of the fears in side of me just want to pull him back and shelter him.  My little one being the dare devil he is always hurting himself. Making requests for more things to hurt himself on! It just never seems to end. 

I just want my family to know that I love them. I wish I could spend more time with them. Hold your family close to you. Express your love constantly!  HUG! .... - Ok I promise to cook something and add another dreamy plate of food!

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