Tuesday, November 16, 2010

One step in the right direction

Today I had the pleasure of meeting with the Executive chef of a very nice restaurant.  I walked in to this place and as I grabbed a hold of the door nob i took a deep breath!< in- out> I walked in to a very quiet place ... and that was great.. ... Dinning room set for dinner, I quietly just turned around and let everything sink in. Absorbing things slowly...    

I spent the next 2 hours having the pleasure of walking around this kitchen been showed everything menu, recipes, storage.  I keep running everything back threw my head trying to remember the things that were told to me.  I am spilling with excitement.  This is what I want! This is where I belong. I see my future here.  If they only knew how hard it was to hold my emotions back and keep from practically crying.  Faith in my self is the biggest thing right now !~ I need to learn to trust in my self. I need to go with the flow. 

My family are going to need to understand and be there to support me in my adventure down the path that i have been waiting for my entire adult life.  I can't wait to actually share images of "things to come" .  Please keep me in your thoughts over the next few weeks, days, hours.... I need all the faith in the world to get me where i need to be. 

Plates full of dreams are honestly where my dreams are !