Monday, August 23, 2010

work or not

I'm honestly sitting here pulling for the reasons i have to go to work.
This has become just a "job". I have so many other things i would rather do with my day. I have a house that i would love to stay home and tend to. My children whom need my attention. This farm we have needs so much work.

On the days that I am suppose to go to work I can't am crying inside. Knowing that i have passions for so many other things in life. I love people but those whom i encounter are not friendly are not great-full for any help I give them.

My manager asked me last week "What is wrong?". I do not recall my response I do recall what she said in return. "Be thankful you have a job". I am thankful I had the ability to find a job when our family needed money to make ends meet. I only continue to stay here because i enjoy affording some of the finer things i use to cook with, I enjoy going to do things with my family and spending a dollar or two on my self once and a while.

This is just another chapter in my life and when small novel of "life at Lowe's " is over I will look back at the friends i have made working here. The things i have learned about people.

Till anything changes i must dress my self and march out the door paint a smile on my face and endure another day. at my "job"

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