Sunday, February 20, 2011

Gadgets and Toys Of a Cooking Mom

I have been compiling a list of wants, desires, and just things I would like to have.  I don't often buy things for my self.   I have never been raised to do the "I want this, I want that, give me give me give me. "   How ever I have things that would either make things in life just a little easier.  Perhaps encourage me to bake more, or things I bake might turn out a little better.  One of those items my work has recently compiled donations from fellow employee's and placed one in our break room.  I LOVE IT! I made my donation knowing I would use it.

I am pretty much the only person in my house that consumes coffee on a regular bases.  I would want to get the nice little pod you refill yourself.  I just think how nice would it be.. plop the pod in the maker press a button and caffeine ingestion commence.  I do think it would be better to just take on my caffeine like this - 
I think we should be able to drive  up to our local star bucks and order up one of these.

My other wish and desire is to have a kitchen aid stand mixer (and a bigger kitchen so i can store all of these wonderful things ).  I would like to have the pasta attachment that attaches to it. 

Now putting all of these items in a kitchen that say I design would be just wonderful but I live in reality and well like I said these are my dreams. 

Or even better something more like this one

Oh now I can't forget .  I do have this love for wine.  I enjoy a nice glass of wine with a wonderful dinner.  I enjoy it in the summer and fall as a great way to unwind the day.  This is my contribution to that lust for wine.
So when that day comes that I win the lotto and I am done giving to everyone else.. these are the things I want to get.  Oh and one last thing. 

If I have a endless supply of money I would get a cleaning service. 

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