Thursday, March 10, 2011

Spring is just around the corner

This rainy morning has me longing for the dog days of summer.  You know.  Those days when the gardens are booming with vegetables.  Food sizzling on the grill.  I sure wish that the weather would calm down and give us some nice days.  I have big dreams for my garden this year.  I found these wonderful carrots at the farmers market last year.  They were all different colors.  It was amazing!  I loved them.  I am wanting to plant some of them.  The picture above has potatoes that were 4 different colors. That makes it so nice to the eye when you sit down to chicken and roasted potatoes and you don't have all off white food on the plate.

May the days of weather like this soon be behind us.  To the left of that little shed is where my Garden is.  Behind that shed rests my two Lilac bushes. -  Mind you this is not what it looks like outside.  Today the ground is flooded with water and is so saturated it is running like a river in my  yard

Oh you pretty flowers that grow along my road I can't wait to see you again! 

I know its to early for blooming flowers but I'm ready when they are.!!!!

Lets get growing !

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