Thursday, February 17, 2011

Having fun with google

So today I was just sitting reading my facebook and someone posted an address of a street in Pittsburgh with some instructions on using google maps.  So I look it up and follow the instructions , laughed then looked around.  Eventually I had to google what I was seeing there were so many CRAZY things on this one street.  Needless to say it was a set up.  Carnegie Mellon University fine arts student set up a big event to happen down a street that the "google mobile" was going down.  It was hilarious.  Being as I am located not far from Pittsburgh this meant a lot to me and amused me.  I honestly found so much humor in this ! I ask you to take a tour around this little street in Pittsburgh enjoy a laugh.   So just do as a friend of mine told me and google map Sampsonia Way, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania .  Take a stroll up and down the street investegate the side streets to especially at "firemensway "  Post gazett's news artcle about it

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