Wednesday, December 1, 2010

My green beans dish!

A few weeks ago I submitted a recipe on a whim.  It was for a cook book released by Mount Nittany Medical Center. I have honestly become obsesed with fine dinning plates, food appeal, simple, clean foods.  So I decided I was going to work on recreating the "green bean casserole " .  That dish that is served at the holidays that looks like slop.  Why take some beautiful green beans and make them look like that. 

So-  There I sat picturing it in my head.  I started just jotting down ingredients I would use.  Picturing in my head if i was in the kitchen cooking this how would I make it.  It just started to pour from me.  The items to use were easy.  I wanted it to be like the traditional.  I wanted fresh ingredients. So I did my best at tossing measurements on to paper. Picturing this dish coming together.  Put the steps together, and hit submit.  Didn't honestly think any more of it.  I have done this before. I have submitted recipes. Only to get an instant response saying "Thank you for your submission. We will review what you have given us."  Very generic. 

Then when it came for my Turkey dinner at my sisters house where i do most of the cooking, I thought this is it. I will make it NOW.!  So that is what I did.  I thought it was wonderful.  Looked amazing. I never took a picture or anything. I was very proud of it though. 

More than one week passes from the date that I made the dish. I was at work and I clocked out to go home checking my phone i seen i had a voice mail. I check it..-  It was a representative from the contest telling me "We have chosen to use your recipe, please call us to discuss details and your prize"  I was floored! I know its honestly not as big of an ordeal as what i felt.  It still means something to me.  The dish will be in the cook book and I will be getting dinner at the restaurant I wanted!  It is hard for me to do anything involving a recipe. I am cook by feel, flavor and what I have. 

You will have to just enjoy my picture or buy the cook book when it is released :)

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  1. Wow, well done you!! That is really exciting :D